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from Zion Ponderosa!
Zion Ponderosa is located high in the pines at nearly 6,500 feet above sea level on the east plateau overlooking the park. Surrounded by a forest of ponderosa pine, Zion Ponderosa was once home to a pioneer logging camp for horseback riding. Many of the old pioneer trails and horseback riding roads remain and provide guests of the ranch a range of horseback rides through rugged, Rocky Mountain high country.
Zion National Park is one of Utah's most popular national parks for horseback riding tours. It was first discovered by Native Americans who refused to enter the enchanted walls of the Park at night. Early Mormon pioneers hired Indian guides to tour them through the Park on horseback. More than a century later, Zion remains home to some of the most scenic horseback riding tours and trails in the Western United States.
Guided ATV Tours will give both young and old a taste of modern outdoor adventure. ATV tours are included for all guests 16 and older with a valid driver's license.

The certified guides of East Zion Adventures will conduct all guided ATV tours at Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort. Our ATVs have the muscle to climb high hills and cross deep streambeds. ATVs are the US Postal Service of the Ranch-- "come rain or shine." The worse the weather, the more the fun! ATVs are quite often the only vehicles that can make it to most areas of the ranch, despite heavy rain or snow. East Zion Adventures will provide all necessary gear, including: helmets, goggles, and gloves, to make the ATV rides an awesome experience in any type of weather. Your tour guide will take the time to explain all features of the ATV prior to beginning the ride. A beginners trail is required as the first ride to assess the guest's ability.


Arrowhead Inn and Fine Dining
Hwy. 89,, Mt. Carmel
Buffalo Grill
9065 W Hwy. 9, Mt. Carmel
Golden Hills
Jct. Hwy. 89, Mt. Carmel
Pine Creek Restaurant
12120 W. Hwy. 9, Mt. Carmel
C-C Ranch House Café
297 W. Center St. Kanab
Chef's Palace Restaurant
176 W. Center St., Kanab
Chuck Wagon Cook Outs
78 E. Center St., Kanab
Escobars Mexican Restaurant
373 E. 300 S. Kanab
Fernando's Hideaway
332 W. 300 N. Kanab
The Four Seasons
36 N. 300 W. Kanab
The Three Bears
Houstons ' Trails End
32 E. Center St., Kanab
The Junction Drive In
185 E. 300 S. Kanab
Lotsa Motsa Pizza
164 E. 300 S. Kanab
159 E. 300 S. Kanab
Nedra's Too
310 S. 100 E. Kanab
Parry Lodge Restaurant
89 E. Center St., Kanab
Pizza Hut
421 S. 100 E. Kanab
R&R Pizza Express
365 S. 100 E. Kanab
Rainbow Café
198 S. 100 E. Kanab
Rocking V Café
97 W. Center St., Kanab
295 E. 300 S. Kanab
Vermillion Espresso Bar and Café
4 E. Center St., Kanab
Wildflower Café and Natural Foods
18 E. Center St. Kanab
Wok Inn Chinese Restaurant
86 S. 200 W. Kanab
Kanab United Drugs
57 W. Center St., Kanab
Zion Pharmacy
14 E. Center St., Kanab
Public Library
Kanab City Library
374 N. Main St., Kanab
Kanab Theatre
29 W. Center St., Kanab
Antique Country
157 N. 300 W., Kanab
Historic Smith Hotel Bed and Breakfast
295 N. Main St. Hwy. 89 Glendale (435)648-2156
Art Galleries
Center Street Gallery
10 E. Center St., Kanab
Johnson Canyon Rock Art Gallery
5424 N. Johnson Canyon Rd., Kanab (435)644-3110
Johnston 's Primitive Art
445 N. 300 W., Kanab
Maynard Dixon Home Thunderbird Foundation for the Arts
Mile Marker 84 Hwy. 89, Mt. Carmel (435)648-2653
Glaziers Foodtown
264 S. 100 E., Kanab
Honey's Jubilee Foods
260 E. 300 S., Kanab
Glendale Country Store
10 N. Main St. Glendale
Terry's Food and Drug
Kane County Hospital
355 N. Main St., Kanab
Kane County Clinic
Kanab (435)644-4100
Valley Clinic
Orderville (435)648-2775
Denny's Wigwam Inn
78 E. Center St., Kanab
Frontier Movie Town Inc.
297 W. Center St., Kanab
Moqui Cave
5 ½ Miles N. of Kanab Hwy. 89, Kanab (435)644-8525
Rock Shops
Fisher's Rock Shop and Jewelry Store
400 W. State St., Orderville
The Rock Stop
385 W. State St., Orderville